Friday, November 26, 2010

The Future and the New Year

The future and New Year promises to be exciting. New Agent in Santa Fe, new headshots and a recent fantastic Audition for TV Pilot are just a few things. Met the Graphic Artist who did the story boards for Avatar. He is now working on a story board frame for my movie "Cracker Jacks". Hopefully the board will help me get it in front of Directors and Producers.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stroke of Luck

Yesterday, I went to an Arts and Crafts Festival. Unbelievable, met an Artist there that worked on the Story Boards for "Avatar". He is going to do one story board for my movie "Cracker Jacks". Anticipating it's arrival to see what it will looks like. Possibly can use it to market the movie.

Move to New Mexico

Well, the move to New Mexico has turned out quite satisfying. Got a new Agent and in two weeks since I signed, I have had 2 auditions. One was for a TV Pilot. It would be nice to land that one.